The Difference Between Home Renovation and Home Remodeling

The Difference Between Home Renovation and Home Remodeling

Home designs change over the course of time. What looked “cool” and “in style” in the 90s may no longer apply today. New trends are perpetually on the rise. If you don’t want your house to look outdated you should consider doing a home renovation or a home remodeling project. Is there a difference between the two? The answer is yes. Home renovation is different from home remodeling although the goal of these two projects are somewhat similar since it is geared towards improving the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your home. Pest Control West Palm Beach.

Let’s understand the difference between the two:

If you are going to be discussing home remodeling and home renovation with an architect or an interior designer they will want to clarify with you whether it’s a home renovation you want or a home remodeling because in their industry these two are not considered the same and they want you to be specific about what you want to happen to your home.

Renovation means to restore or repair. Remodeling means to change the structure of your home. So you see, there’s a difference.

The Difference Between Home Renovation and Home Remodeling


Renovation is the act of making something old look new. For example, if you bought a house that has been abandoned for years you’ll want to make it look new before you move in. And so, you’ll need to do a renovation project. This applies to both houses and buildings. It’s the simple act of refreshing an old home. In construction, it would include repairing broken cabinets, replacing old windows, repainting walls and ceilings and adding new lighting and other fixtures.

A renovation project will not totally transform the existing look of the house but instead updates it to make it look brand new. In other words, all you are really doing is to make the current space look more attractive. Aside from homeowners wanting to live in a beautiful and comfortable living space, another reason why home renovation is beneficial is because it increases the value of your home. When it’s a renovation project don’t expect major changes to the structure because it will remain the same.


Remodeling is to modify the current look and structure of your home. When you are remodeling it is possible that the function of a particular space may be changed. This type of project may also involve altering the layout of your home or reorganize your home’s floor plan. For example, you can merge your living room with your kitchen to give your home more space or you can add a kitchen island to enhance the function or improve the storage space of your kitchen. Better you can get assistance from best Wellington kitchen remodeling company.

When your home improvement project involves tearing down walls, expanding the area of your home then you are already doing a home remodeling. To put it simply, home remodeling is giving your space a complete new look.

So you see, the two projects are uniquely different. If you want to ask for expert advice we suggest you talk to an interior designer or an architect so he or she can provide you with insight on what project to embark on.

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